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As you scroll below you will find a list of scholarship opportunities to pursue your higher education! All scholarships will be awarded to students attending Eastern Arizona College at the Pueblo Campus. 


Available Scholarships


Pinal Mountain Foundation for Higher Education

Apply now for a scholarship through the Pinal Mountain Foundation!


Angel Perez Wings of Hope

Apply now for a scholarship through the Angel Perez Wings of Hope Foundation!

How to Apply

Download and Print application.

Mail or Drop off @ the Gila Pueblo Campus
Located at 8274 South Six Shooter Canyon Rd. Globe, AZ 85501.

Application for a scholarship must be completed in full and postmarked no later then the date marked on the application.

If accepted you will be granted "Monies" for tuition and books
at the Eastern Arizona College Gila Pueblo Campus.

Students not yet enrolled at Eastern Arizona College, Gila Pueblo Campus may apply.

Students already enrolled must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.
Only complete applications will be considered.

When awarded a scholarship you will be asked to attend an award ceremony at the Gila Pueblo Campus.

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